About Us

If you require a means of sharing data securely amongst a set user group, then SecureDome can customise a solution to your needs.

We specialise in secure Internet technologies and can deliver you with a solution that ensures the security of your data while optimising your business processes.

With SecureDome solutions you can:

  • Control who accesses the system and the type of access.
  • Enable authentication so that sensitive information is restricted to authorised users.
  • De-identify data when it is viewed by non-authorised users. This means that information you specify - like client or patient identity or sensitive company information - is ‘hashed out’.
  • Define a workflow, so that tasks proceed in a particular order and are defined by user group (employee role).
  • Create ‘cases’ and maintain a case history.
  • Specify particular information that your users must enter.
  • Put a cap or limit on particular functions or tasks.
  • View performance or activity levels for each user and by user group.
  • Share information according to specific users or user groups.
  • Generate reports according to your data set and in a myriad of formats, including graphical reports.
  • Give your employees access to do their work from any place at any time.

…plus much more.


If you are serious about data security then SecureDome can provide you with a service that is not only one of the most secure on the market, but also has formidable workflow and reporting functionality.