About Us

SecureDome eReferral is an online patient referral, case management and reporting service.

If you are a Division of General Practice, Aged Care Provider or health agency, the SecureDome eReferral service is a seamless way for you to provide electronic referrals and case management to your network.


You can use SecureDome eReferral for specific health programs – like BOiMH or Aged Care - or you can roll it out as your preferred patient referral and case management system.


And, as SecureDome eReferral is contracted at the divisional or agency level, it puts you in charge of the system. This is because you approve user access to the system, specify the type of activity that each user group can perform, determine how information should be captured and shared and ensure your data security requirements are being met.


Program Managers at your division or agency will benefit as SecureDome eReferral stores all the referral information in a central place, meaning that the Program Managers can focus on their job rather than on collating data.


General practitioners will benefit from having a history of all their referrals and requests and being able to view the progress of referred patients. They also benefit from having a referral database so they can refer patients to specialists or consultants with particular areas of expertise.


Specialists and consultants are also set up as users of SecureDome eReferral. They will be accessed by a network of GPs, can make their areas of expertise available to GPs, and can share patient progress with the GP in order to recommend further treatment or therapies.


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