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Better Outcomes & Better Access Mental Health Programs

SecureDome eReferral has integrated the Access to Allied Psychological Services Better Outcomes in Mental Health (ATAPS-BOiMH) Program as well as the Better Access to Mental Health MBS items.

SecureDome eReferral gives GPs the ability to refer patients to Psychologists via our user-friendly interface.

SecureDome makes Mental Health programs a breeze for your division. The referral form ensures the GP enters all the required information (known as the minimum data set) to create a referral and the psychologists are set up on the system, thereby providing an end-to-end flow of information between referrer and referee. The patient care plan is available for the referrer and referee to view at all stages of the case, whether the status of the case is just opened, in progress or closed.


At the divisional level, we have taken care of your program reporting requirements. The system generates around 25 different reports (de-identified) for the division project managers in real time, thus allowing them to adjust their programs while they are in progress. The outcome is more effective program management versus the usual ineffective methods of data collection and reporting.

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SecureDome eReferral


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