About Us

What is the Aged Care online management system?


SecureDome Pty Limited has developed a solution for Aged Care Facilities that allows for the following:


  • Secure and authenticated access to file management via HeSA certificates
  • Local and remote secure access via HeSA certificates
  • Suitable for integration with external systems
  • Care plan and medication plan management that allows for growth and expansion
  • Automated auditing and reporting according to the Commonwealth Government Residential Care Manual (RCM) and RCS Validation
  • Automated acceptance of Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) Form 3020
  • eSignature™ acceptance of prescriptions from GP to Pharmacy
  • Pathology and other related reporting on patient care
  • Division project management reporting as required
  • Hospital links as required for better patient management
  • Integration of software and hardware products


How does a Division of General Practice or an Aged Care Facility get started?


SecureDome has all relevant policy and management documentation ready upon request:


  • Service Level Agreements
  • FAQs
  • Policy procedures
  • User manuals
  • Other relevant documentation



To test-drive SecureDome's Aged Care system, obtain a quote or register your division or agency now, please contact us.